Bread Riot Bakehouse

Community Bakery - SLC, UT

Providing slow fermented, hearth breads to Salt Lake City.
Promoting a more diverse regional grain economy.
Hijacking biology for deliciousness.
Our Breads
Where To Find Us
Bread Riot Baguette 
Our take on the French classic featuring high ash flour, heritage grain and some sourdough culture to add depth to the tender texture and mellow sweetness of a good baguette.
~ Best Sandwich: Caprese OR Bahn Mi

Salt Lake Sour 
A sourdough in the San Francisco model with an open crumb, thin, crispy crust, and not-too-sour flavor. This is our lightest, whitest and most utilitarian loaf.
~ Best Sandwich: Fancy Grilled Cheese (melty cheese + thin sliced pear/apple)

Wasatch Wheat 
A staple of the French countryside, this loaf uses “high-extraction” flour, which lies between white and whole wheat flours. This allows for a loftier loaf that retains many of the health benefits and wheat favors of whole grains.
~ Best Sandwich: BLAT! (the A is avocado)

Stoneground Utah 
Its simple as it gets. We mix freshly milled, stone ground, locally grown whole wheat with water and sea salt, ferment overnight and bake it bold. Packed with flavor and fiber, this is our baker’s A-1 favorite.
~ Best Sandwich: Good Butter + Seasonal Jam OR Stinky Cheese + Honey Comb

The mother load of cracked and flaked grains, this loaf has tons of texture and a multi-layered taste that begs to be toasted. It's our favorite breakfast bread.
~Best Sandwich: Scrambled Eggs & Fresh Herbs

Pioneer Pretzel 
Not the pillowy mall pretzel of your childhood. These lye-dipped, bavarian-style pretzels feature a hefty dose of freshly milled, whole grains that’ll leave you thirsting for a frosty tall one.
~ Best Sandwich: Just dunk it in mustard
Directly From Us:

Harvest Farmers Market
Pioneer Park - 300 E 300 S
4:00pm - Dusk

Liberty Park Farmers Market
Liberty Park - 600 E 900 S
4:00pm - Dusk

Downtown SLC Farmers Market
Pioneer Park - 300 E 300 S
8:00am - 2:00pm 

From Our Friends:

Amour Cafe
(1329 S 500 E)
Amour Cafe uses our Wasatch Wheat on all their egg plates and grilled cheese. 

Beltex Meats
(511e Harvey Milk Blvd)
Grab a Baguette (and some delicious meat to go with it) at  Beltex Meats  on Saturdays.

Raclette Machine
The fine folks at Raclette Machine melt alpine cheese over our baguettes and sourdough at the Liberty Park Market every Friday evening.

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