Bread Riot Bakehouse

Community Bakery - SLC, UT

Providing slow fermented, hearth breads to Salt Lake City.
Promoting a better grain economy.
Hijacking biology for deliciousness.

We're currently under construction — both physically and digitally.

We have put baking on hold briefly while we move into and set up our new kitchen. Please join our   email newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook  to stay updated on the progress. 

We appreciate your paticence and look forward to getting bread back in the oven for y'all this summer!

Restaurants and grocers interested in using or stocking our bread, reach out to us, let's talk. We can make that happen when we re-open. You can find our contact info at the bottom of the page.

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Owner/Baker: Phillip Massey
Telephone:    (801) 252-5022

Snail Mail:  
PO Box 520563
Salt Lake City,  UT,