Bread Riot Bakehouse

Community Bakery - SLC, UT

Providing slow fermented, hearth breads to Salt Lake City.
Promoting a more diverse regional grain economy.
Hijacking biology for deliciousness.
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Bread Riot Baguette 
Our take on the French classic. The Bread Riot Baguette is made from “high-ash” flour and raised by both a wild and commercial yeast. This lets us get a wheatier, more complex flavor while retaining the same light, airy interior and delicate, thin crust as one made with fully refined white flour.
~Best Sandwich: DIY Bahn Mi OR Cubano

Salt Lake Sourdough 
Great for all your toast/sandwich needs
This loaf is made from a mix of sifted organic flours and leavened by naturally fermented whole grain starters. It’s moist open interior, well baked crust, and not-too-sour flavor owe to the long history of hearth-style breads in Europe and America.
~Best Sandwich: Fancy Grilled Cheese (Melty Cheese + Thin Apple Slices + Bacon)

Toasted Wheat & Sesame 
Best In Show at this years Utah Cheese Awards!
We take whole grain red wheat, toast it, crack it and cook it into a thick porridge. We then add this complexly sweet concoction to a dough already high in whole grains and sprinkle in some sesame seeds for good measure. A unique, full, but balanced bread that’ll go any direction you want to take it.
~Best Sandwich: Hummus + Cucs + Sprouts

100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat 
As simple as it gets. We take organic, locally grown wheat berries and mill them fresh. Then we mix it with water water and sea salt, ferment it, and bake it bold. Packed with flavor and fiber, this is our baker’s personal favorite.
~Best Sandwich: Butter + Seasonal Jam OR Stinky Cheese + Honey Comb

Rye + Oats + Millet + Corn + Spelt + Wheat
Cracked and flaked grains give a ton of texture and flavor to this bakery standard, and it only gets better when toasted.  Buttered and jammed or loaded with scrambled eggs, it’s our personal favorite breakfast bread.
~Best Sandwich: Soft Scrambled Eggs + Fresh Herbs

Tweaked in the typical Bread Riot fashion, prefermented spelt and a touch of whole wheat sourdough starter give character and nuance to our version of the typical Italian “slipper.”
~Best Sandwich: Caprese

Pioneer Pretzel 
Not the pillowy mall pretzel of your childhood. These lye-dipped, bavarian-style pretzels feature a hefty dose of whole grains that’ll leave you thirsting for a frosty tall one.
~Best Sandwich: Whole Grain Mustard + Beer

From Us:

Winter Farmers Market
Rio Grande Train Depot - 300 S Rio Grande St.
10:00am - 2:00pm 

From Our Friends:

Beltex Meats
(511e Harvey Milk Blvd)
Bread Riot Baguettes and Toasted Wheat & Sesame available every Saturday at  Beltex Meats  .

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Current Rotating Sourdough Specials:  
~ Fig - Fennel - Walnut
~ Onion - Poppy
~ Sunny - Flax
~ Roasted Potato - Polenta - Pumpkin Seed
Baguette Specials:
~ Multiseed (Sesame, Poppy, Fennel, Caraway)
​~ Demi Baguette of the Day