Bread Riot Bakehouse

Community Bakery - SLC, UT

Providing slow fermented, hearth breads to Salt Lake City.
Promoting a better grain economy.
Hijacking biology for deliciousness.
Our Bread:​​

Bread Riot Baguette
Our take on the French classic. The Bread Riot Baguette is made from slightly less refined flour and a touch of whole grains. It’s raised by both wild and commercial yeast — letting us get a wheatier, more complex flavor while retaining the iconic light, airy interior and thin, crisp crust.
Best Sandwich: Caprese

Salt Lake Sourdough -  
This is our utility loaf — suitable for all your bread neads. It’s made from a mix of sifted flours and leavened by naturally fermented whole grain starters. Its delicate open interior, well baked crust, and not-too-sour flavor owe to the long history of hearth-style breads in both Europe and America.
Best Sandwich: Fancy Grilled Cheese (Melty Cheese + Thin Sliced Apple + Bacon)

Sesame Sem olina - 
Our naturally leavened version of this classic boasts a large dose of freshly milled durum wheat. Durum is high in protein, with a subtle sweetness and lovely golden color. A coating of sesame seeds give this light airy loaf a toasty finish.
Best Sandwich: B-L-A-T (the A is avacado)

Multi-Grain - 
A variety of cracked grains give a ton of texture and flavor to this bakery standard, and it only gets better when toasted. It’s a very “cereal” inspired bread and our favorite for breakfast.
Best Sandwich: Soft Scrambled Eggs + Herbs

Stone Ground Whole Wheat - 
This bread is as simple and as classic as it gets. Made of only freshly milled whole wheat, water and sea salt. We ferment it fully and bake it bold. Packed with flavor and fiber, this is our baker’s personal favorite.
Best Sandwich: Butter + Seasonal Jam OR Stinky Cheese + Honey Comb + Maldon

Euro Rye - 
Inspired by the Central Europeans our version is moderately high on the rye side without caraway. It’s hearty and earthy, with those characteristic sour notes. This one has a good shelf life, slices thin, and develops flavor over a couple days.
Best Sandwich: Melted Emmental + Sauerkraut

Purple Barley Porridge -
Purple Barley is a heritage variety with millenia long roots back to Tibet. It’s high in protein, nutrients and antioxidants and boasts a robust “fruity” flavor. We add it  as both a flour and a cooked porridge to up the whole grain content even farther and give it a delightfully moist, chewy texture.
Best Sandwich: Roasted Shiitake Mushrooms + Creme Fraiche + Tarragon

Ciabatta - 
Spelt — one of our favorite grains with its rich, nutty flavor — takes the lead in our variation on the Italian standart. It’s light, tender and moist; perfect for picnics, charcuterie spreads or the middle of your dinner table.
Best Sandwich: Beltex Meats Country Pâté

Where to Find Us:​​

Pick Up A  Loaf:

Downtown Farmers Market 
Rio Grande Train Depot
Saturday 10am - 2pm

Beltex Meats
511 E 900 S, SLC , UT 84105
Saturdays Only - Variety Limited

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Owner/Baker: Phillip Massey
Telephone:    (801) 252-5022
E-mail: [email protected]

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